Empowering Strory. Amanda
The author of the interview: Anželika Zuba
"Now more is happening on the internet. Theatre is more thinking, much like being in an internet environment and thinking less." Amanda about the theatre, the life of a hearing impaired person and the realities of Latvian youth.

Amanda is an active young participant of the integration theatre studio of the 3D Friends youth organisation, a person who loves art and believes that this is an opportunity to express herself. Since childhood, Amanda has been hearing impaired , but this does not stop her from exploring the world, loving the theatre and learning Lithuanian sign language.

Сan you tell me about yourself and what are you doing in life?

My name is Amanda, I'm 15. I love theatre, I love art, I love dreaming.

Do you go to school?


What grade are you in?


Why do you like theatre? Why did you choose to do theatre?

I have had theatre classes at school, since I was 7-8 I wanted to attend but got sick and couldn't participate. And now mom calls all the time, led to the theatre, invited to take part. (In 3D Friends integrated theatre studio) in the beginning I thought it wouldn't be interesting, but now every time it's more interesting and interesting for me.

Did anyone inspire you? Actor, character? Why art?

My mother taught me about drastic, she taught me all the details.

Then your mother was the kind of person who led to the art world?


Can you tell what's currently relevant for young people? What's up to you?

Now time passes…the internet is that. Everyone is playing, communicating via the internet, that's what happens to my friends as well. I would say - Communication via the Internet.

Do your friends like theatre?

My friend also attend the theatre.

What kind of things young people are interested in now, why aren't they going to the theatre?

Hard to say. Now more is happening on the internet. Theatre is more thinking, much like being an internet environment and thinking less.

Can you tell that theatre is a way that you can show/develop yourself in society?

Sometimes I like to show myself, but other times I don't want to.

How do you feel in a friend circle and with other peers, or overall society?

There's a society where you can feel free, but other times you can't communicate and you don't feel free, there's a lack of openness. Other times you feel anger, for example, if people are secreted like this, but they are open, then their attitude is in return.

But there are open people, who want to communicate. Is there a situation when you want to communicate, but people don't?

It's hard. Sometimes if I like something, I want to do something very much, communicate,I open up very much with myself all in.

What problems do Latvian society see?

For example, diminishing groups with non-sparks is not a problem, everything now happens via the phone, the internet, that's the way communication is

Integration issues maybe?

There's more of a problem communicating, understanding to the end. It's hard without an interpreter. It's such a problem. The mouthpieces (govoryashije) have a voice, they speak, but the deaf with signs, then it's hard to get together without an interpreter.

For example, if schools were such an object as sign language , would that be a good thing?


Do you have any wishes that you want to realise? Ideas? Dream?

I want to develop myself in theatre, communicate more, improve myself, be more open in itself

But overall, what's goals or a dream despite theatre?

I want to travel the world, see new places, get experience.

Do you have a favourite country where you've already been?

Lithuania. I have friends there, I often drive there and I like sign language.

Is it anything like Latvian sign language?

Some are similar, but there are big differences.

She teaches others Latvian in Lithuania and herself learns Lithuanian (signs)

What do you wish for other young people looking for themselves?

I wish them all to be open, don't leave their talents inside but towards the view, show others

The author of the interview: Anželika Zuba