Mariam: life experiments
Writer: Mariam Lomidze, ESC volunteer from Georgia
My name is Mariam Lomidze, 27 years old.
I am a volunteer from an amazing country with very beautiful landscape and delicious cuisine - Georgia.

If I were to reflect on my life, I would find that I am constantly experimenting. If we think about what an experiment is, I would say that it is a kind of risk, if you want to try something and experiment, you do not know what the result will be, you just have to try, otherwise you will never understand what your possibilities are.

If you ask me what experience I have, I'll just say that the greatest experiment I have done is my experience as a volunteer in Narva. Do you know why?

When I decided to take on the "Solidarity for Sustainable Life" volunteering project, I realized that I would have to turn down two other projects, give up my job, my apartment, and everything I have built over the last 10 years. In another situation, that would not be a big risk, but in the time of the pandemic, you never know what is going to happen. As you know it was Covid-19 and the pandemic had an impact on everything, there was no flight and no exact answer from any organization I was associated with. I was just supposed to take a risk and be very positive. I gave up everything, left my old life behind and came to Estonia. It happened and it went very well.

What I want to say in conclusion is that if you want to become more successful and experienced and have your own life, you should take a risk and do an experiment, it always works.

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Writer: Mariam Lomidze
Photography: Beata Lamuskaite
This article is publsihed as part of framework of "Solidarity for Sustainable Life" project. Supported by European Solidarity Corps