Empowering Stories
"I feel that development was where I was not afraid to say or do something"
Story of Työma Bassofsky
Työma Treumov, 17 years old young man from Narva. The guy has been a representative of the youth parliament of Narva-Jõesuu for almost two years, is a mentor at Edukoht and is known as DJ Bassofsky. Työma calls himself get-up-and-go kind of person and is very happy to participate in the activities of the city.

In August 2020, Työma was invited by friends to Ideesupp in Kohtla-Järve, where the young man went as a spectator to listen to the ideas of other guys. Artyom ate a hodgepodge, sat down to listen to Startup ideas and realized that this is "a train of opportunities that you can now jump into and go far away." At one point, he stopped listening to others and started listening to himself. He tried to answer the questions that popped into his head: What ideas do I have? What do I need? What am I dreaming about? Työma realized "EXACTLY PODCASTS!" It's always better to try than to leave the idea unpublished because "What if it works?"

As the guy says: "I had some tactics and I stuck to it." To be exact, the pitching script - Slogan, problem, solution and own contact.

"To be honest, I didn't even think that I would win. I just came out to share my idea." "I came, I saw, I conquered" Gaius Julius Caesar - Työma quotes. The guy did not immediately understand that he had won. The next day came the realization and along with that the thought that I need to develop this idea further. "I won this money by accident, but I don't regret it at all. For me, it showed that everything is possible if you want it, and that if you see an opportunity, then you don't have to be afraid, you just have to try and speak."

Now Työma assembles a team and is very interested in collaborations with all possible projects. The young man is glad that he has a "dream in his pocket" that he can always produce and start doing it.

It worked for me!
"I participated in the enskied project." This is a project that was aimed at high school students, where, as Työma says, young people got their first steps in understanding startups - they wrote a business plan and applied the knowledge of pitching in practice. In enskied, Työma had a different idea, but the practice and knowledge that the young man got out of interest in the project helped him win a podcast startup.

"I was inspired by Mark Manson's book "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck." The main point is not to be afraid to start. When you have already started it went and then you spin, and you got this! You don't have to worry about how difficult an obstacle is, if you want to go for something you can't give in to fear. "I feel that development was where I was not afraid to say or do something" - Työma says.

Tips for youth
The young man advises to participate wherever possible. Attend youth centers and events, participate in projects, etc. It is very important not to miss out on opportunities. After all, it is precisely by holding on to opportunities that a series of accidents occurs, the overlapping of which on top of each other leads to personal growth. "I became a DJ after I asked how I can help the sound engineer." Sometimes one question asked becomes the outcome of your life. Should you be afraid to ask it?

Työma tells a special thanks for the incomparable hodgepodge at the event.
Interviewer: Viktoria Savitševa